One Week to Go!

//One Week to Go!

One Week to Go!

Ladies and gentlemen, what follows is a detailed description of what’s happening here at Extremely 80s HQ. Please read carefully, and do your best to resist getting bored as it might be pretty long. And detailed.

(TL;DR: Everything is awesome!)

If you’ve already been listening to Extremely 80s, thank you! Right now it’s just mostly playing random things; very randomly. Once we “officially” re-launch on 6/30, there will be a far greater human involvement in the playlist. But there is much work left to be done before that date, and honestly, I don’t know if it will all get done. But, by golly, it will be done enough!

“So, what is all of this stuff that you claim to be working on?” you might ask. Well, let me just tell you…

  1. Re-encoding all of the songs and cleaning up metadata.
    1. The previous incarnation of the radio station streamed music at a lovely 128kbps. Not bad. Not bad at all. Not great, but not bad. This new version will be streaming at 192kbps. Still no the best, but pretty dang great! So, I have to re-encode every single song to match the awesome new bitrate. That should be pretty easy, right? Well, I am also adding detailed meta data to the files which is taking a lot of research… and a lot of time. I think I’ll have most of the popular stuff done in time.
  2. Design.
    1. I need to finish the website design for
    2. I need to update logos.
    3. I need to create header images and such for all of the coming shows.
    4. I need to…. do other things, I’m sure.
  3. Start planning the “shows”.
    1. The following shows are being planned:
      1. Good Morning Extremely 80s!
        1. 4 hours of the greatest new wave and alternative hits from the 80’s.
      2. The Remix Lunch Hour
        1. An hour each day of awesome remixes to enjoy while you take your long lunch break.
      3. The Theme Park
        1. An hour of songs that are related to a common theme.
      4. The Traffic Jam
        1. 2 hours of crazy-awesome-fast-dance music to help you survive your commute.
      5. Extremely 80s Live
        1. 3 hours of mayhem and mad-cappery. Trust me. You’ll want to hear this.
      6. The Next Wave
        1. 1 hour of new music from 80’s bands, as well as new stuff that sounds like it came straight from the 80’s.
      7. Digging in the Crates
        1. 1 hour of rarities, obscurities, cover songs, and deep album tracks that you don’t hear much, have forgotten about, or maybe haven’t even heard yet.
      8. The Dark Side
        1. This 2 hour show will be programmed by our very own goth/punk/industrial/darkwave/shoegaze expert Dave P. Exploring the dark side of the 80’s
      9. Live in Concert
        1. An hour of live performances of your favoritest songs by your favoritest bands.
  4. Create an awesome survey. Because I really want to know how you, the fine listening audience feels about all things 80’s.

All of this will be rolling out. Slowly, perhaps, but rolling nonetheless.

So, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR! Please leave a comment and let me know how things are going for you. After all, I wouldn’t be doing this without you!

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